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Fibroids after C-section

I have a large fibroid, about the size of a grapefruit. I am in my late forties. I haven’t been to see my gynecologist in well over a year. He has recommended a hysterectomy. I wouldn’t be too bothered by this but have had 2 c-sections in the past and dread the thought of additional scarring. However, I have a lot of discomfort such as stinging pains like pin pricks, and an enlarged uterus. Should I toughen up and just get the surgery or go for a pap smear and try to hold off for menopause. Any help you could offer would be appreciated. Also, I wish in the future that more research could be done for a medication for fibroids to help other women. Thank You.



The fibroid will shrink about 50% once you get to menopause (average age is 52).  A skilled laparoscopic surgeon should be able to remove either the fibroid (laparoscopic myomectomy) or the uterus (laparoscopic hysterectomy) if that is what you want. Either of these procedures involves a 0-1 night hospital stay and a 2 week recovery to normal activity. If your symptoms are bothersome, you should consider getting a second opinion.  I agree – a lot more research is needed in every aspect of taking care of women with fibroids.

Bill Parker, MD


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  1. Janet Lim
    Posted November 26, 2010 at 5:59 am | Permalink

    I am 51 years using Mirena..went to GP on 24th Nov due to frequent urine..My GP did an ultra sound and found fibroids (10cm)..He gave me medication for 2 weeks to shrink the fibroids..medication is Celebrex 200mg and Allumag MPS take one each every morning after meal..will see GP on 7th Dec…What shld I do? Any help you could offer will be appreciated….Thank you..

  2. Posted December 19, 2010 at 7:04 pm | Permalink

    Neither of these medications will shrink fibroids. Celebrex is for pain. If the fibroid is sitting on the bladder and causing frequent urination, you can either do nothing (this is not dangerous) or have the fibroid removed (laparoscopic surgery should be possible), or have uterine artery embolization. You can find more about these options on my website and then discuss them with your doctor.

    Bill Parker, MD

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