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Vitamin D May Help to Slow Down Fibroid Growth

Vitamin D inhibits proliferation of human uterine leiomyoma cells via catechol-O-methyltransferase.

Authors: Sharan C, Halder SK, Thota C, Jaleel T, Nair S, Al-Hendy A.

Study From: Meharry Medical College, Nashville, Tennessee

Journal: Fertility and Sterility, 2010, Aug 23. E-pub

Problem: Women are looking for something they can do to control fibroid growth. Dietary changes and vitamin supplements would be one possible thing they can easily modify.

Laboratory Study: Human fibroid cell cultures were treated with vitamin D and the effect of vitamin D on fibroid genes and proteins was measured.

Results: Vitamin D interfered with the way human fibroid cells make enzymes that either use or block estrogen and inhibited the growth of fibroid cells by 47%.

Authors’ Conclusions: Since Vitamin D inhibits growth of human fibroid cells a deficiency of vitamin D might allow fibroids to grow. The authors reference another article that found that while 45% of African-American women have vitamin D deficiency, only 4% of white women have this deficiency.

Dr. Parker’s Comments: While it is always good to be cautious when interpreting laboratory studies, vitamin D has also been shown to regulate cell growth and inhibit cancer cells. It also helps the body absorb calcium. And, when taken in recommended doses (800-1,000 units per day), the side-effects and risks appear to be almost non-existent. So, even though these results are very preliminary, vitamin D might be worth a try


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