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Hysterectomy Consent for Fibroid Surgery

Hi Dr. Parker

Im about to have surgery to remove 3 fibroids , the biggest one being 9cm and 2 small ones.

the large one is on the anterior wall and the other two are on the posterior wall. My question is should I have them removed if I plan on getting pregnant or leave well enough alone. You see Im scared to death of the myomectomy turning into a full hysterectomy and my sister said its a paper I can sign so that they can not do a hysterectomy if i have a problem during surgery.

Please help

having surgery soon

want to have more kids


The only fibroids that interfere with fertility are those that bulge into the uterine cavity (submucous).

See more about this here:

A hysterectomy should not be necessary and you should consider a second opinion with a doctor who does myomectomies on a regular basis and who will not ask you to sign a consent for hysterectomy.

Bill Parker, MD


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