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Hysterectomy, or other options

I am 39 and I have a 5 inch fibroid in my uterus plus others and lesions along with multiple cysts on my ovaries. I am considering a partial hysterectomy….keeping my ovaries. Is it necessary or will the fibroid just go away? I do urinate frequently and I am just starting to experience bleeding abnormalities. I do not plan on having children and I have all HPV viruses that cause cancer that I monitor frequently…so I am wondering if this is the right thing to do? I am worried that it will only keep getting bigger and im also worried if I have the surgery I will lose my sexual drive or pleasures. Then the other part of me says I will no longer have to worry about the HPV problems or about the fibroid if I have the surgery done… Please advise.

Thank you, Wendy


Unfortunately, fibroids don’t shrink until menopause, at an average age of 52.  So, it sounds like waiting for menopause will take too long.  We are not able to predict the growth rate of fibroids, but some do not grow over time while others do grow.  If you chose to have a hysterectomy, the procedure will relieve the symptoms of urinary frequency and bleeding related to the fibroid.  But, there are other options.

Myomectomy, which could be performed laparoscopically by a skilled laparoscopic surgeon, removes the fibroid and should relieve your symptoms.  For more about this see:

UAE (embolization ) shrinks the fibroid and is likely to work as well. See this page:

If you choose not to have a hysterectomy, the HPV virus can be easily monitored with viral tests of the cervix. Often the virus goes away by itself, but if the cervical cells start to become abnormal the cervix can be easily treated in the doctor’s office years before cancer develops.
For more about this see:

If you have uterine contractions or pleasurable cervical sensation during intercourse, hysterectomy will eliminate these sensations. Neither myomectomy nor UAE are likely to interfere with your sexuality. However, sometimes just removing the fibroid, either with myomectomy or hysterectomy or shrinking it with UAE makes intercourse more comfortable. More about this can be found here:

I hope this is helpful,
Bill Parker, MD


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