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Fibroids after Menopause

Dear Dr. Parker,

I would like to thank you very much for the most comprehensive website on fibroids and their treatment.  The time and effort you put into maintaining and updating that site is greatly appreciate by every woman who has to deal with them.

I know you are a very busy man, but wanted to ask you a quick question.  If fibroids shrink by 50% after menopause, what would be an approximate shrinkage of the 20-22 week uterus with multiple fibroids (the largest being around 10-12cm) and how long it may take for the symtomps of bulk and pressure to go down?  On your web site, you mentioned that it could happen 6 months or more after the last period for firboids to start shrinking.  Can I expect that my uterus may shrink from 20-22 weeks to 12-14 weeks, or more like 16-18-weeks?  If that is the case, is abdominal myomectomy reasonable at the age of 55 with periods happening every 3-4 months now?

Thank you very much for you opinion.


The 50% shrinkage number is based on volume (not diameter), so it would more likely be closer to 16 weeks about 6 months after your last period.  An abdominal myomectomy is certainly reasonable – I have done myomectomies for women even after menopause, when they did not get enough shrinkage to make them comfortable.

Thanks for the kind words about the website,

Bill Parker, MD


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